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April Newsletter – How to save a Brumby

This month I want to introduce an Australian Brumby rescue group based in New South Wales doing some amazing work. Since the first horses were introduced to Australia, the Brumby has become to many a national icon, but to others unfortunately is considered a pest. This debate is ongoing and still many wild horses get rounded up each year and sent off for slaughter, if it wasn’t for rescue groups like Hoofs2010 Inc. very few would get a second chance.

One of the Brumbies that Lynette Sutton founder of Hooves2010 Inc has rescued is NT Miraki. Miraki is a rising three year old colt from the Todd River area of the Northern Territory and along with several other Brumbies at the sanctuary, NT Miraki is now available for adoption. For more info on Miraki check out the Hoofs2010 Inc website. Also those wanting to help save the life of a Brumby but are unable to adopt, donations are always welcome. Hoofs2010 Inc is a registered Not For Profit and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

How Dark Horse Studio is helping…
On the 27th April Hoofs2010 Inc. is holding an open day and to help raise some well needed funds, Dark Horse Studio has donated a gift pack which will be raffled. Raffle tickets can be purchased on the day or for those unable to attend tickets will also be available online via the Hoofs2010 Inc website.

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