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A great time at Primex

My first time going to Primex in Casino, NSW and what a great event!

Thursday was overcast but people still came through the gates. I met some wonderful people there and had a really good time. Friday was a little bit slower with a really cold day and rain but the Akubras and Driza-bones were out in force. Finally the sun came out on Saturday and there was a non stop stream of people enjoying the event. Any event Ive done the outstanding thing is the amount of people interested in my custom jewelry and again this event was no exception. The majority of people wanting a custom pendant or ring often do so after their animal has died, so I often here the story surrounding their death. One of my customers at Primex suggested I charge extra for counselling 😉 I feel quite sad when I’m making them especially if Ive been told any details but I also feel equally happy to be able to offer something quite special and so personal to people.

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